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L'Expressoir  is an artist residency supported by les Ateliers de Création et d'Expression Artistique (ACEA). We focus on bringing people together to emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchanges through music and art.



L'Expressoir Artist Residency invites emerging and established artists of all disciplines for a time and space away from their usual environments. We provide an opportunity for artists to reflect, research, create, and present in the small, rural village of

Marnay Sur Seine, France.


L'Expressoir allows regional, national, and international artists the opportunity to exchange professional and emotive

approaches towards new experiences and aesthetic realities. Located in the historic village of Marnay Sur Seine

(1 hour by train from Paris) L'Expressoir emphasizes the connection between the local community and the diverse

artists this village attracts. This residency encourages projects promoting the interaction and relationships between

different cultures worldwide. 


Duration of Residency:


1 to 2 months

Number of Artists at one time:



L'Expressoir offers each artist support for the following aspects of the residency:

-Private bedroom with private bathroom

-Shared kitchen with other artists in residence

-Private art studio

-Possibility of individual exhibition/Artist talk

-Weekly trips to the farmer's market/local establishments for groceries/art supplies, etc.

-Two group outings per residency to research the Champagne-Ardenne region

-Information about daily logistics as well as the regional arts scene

-Interaction with the community

Residency fees do not include:



-Airport pickup or return (although we will help organize this for you)


-General living costs such as food, health, and travel insurance (we will assist you in finding proper groceries and staples)

-Art supplies (we will assist you in finding specific supplies if necessary)

L'Expressoir is an independent project and is currently unable to provide financial support for visiting artists. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country L'Expressoir can provide official documents and letters of invitation as necessary.

Selection Procedure:


By Committee

Application Deadlines:

Spring 2023 residencies (March, April, May) due January 15, 2023

Summer 2023 residencies (June, July, August) due April 1, 2023

Fall /Winter 2023 residencies (Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.) due July 1, 2023

Email for detailed information and application


950 euros per month per artist




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Directly across the street from the artist residency, L'Expressoir Cafe offers a creative gathering location for visiting artists to engage in conversation with the local community as well as artists from nearby residencies. The cafe regularly hosts music concerts, readings, and events to foster multi cultural connections.

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Mathilde Rousseau Domec


Mathilde Rousseau Domec graduated from the drama school Charles Dullin in Paris. She then returned to Marnay Sur Seine to create her project of a cultural and artistic cafe, alongside with the artist residency. It is important for her to make a link with the artistic history of the village and to support and welcome artists from all over the world. This continues the path created by her grandfather and well known painter Claude Domec, who created many pieces of artwork in his studio on the river Seine in Marnay.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.13.19

Keri Rosebraugh


Keri Rosebraugh attained her MFA in Florence, Italy and currently lives and works in Marnay Sur Seine as well as Los Angeles, CA. In 2016 her work was accepted into three group exhibitions in Paris in conjunction with the International Summit on Climate Change. Rosebraugh's artwork is part of the Permanent Collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporanea di Florina, in Greece, and her recent solo exhibitions and artist talks include the Cartavetra Gallery in Florence, Italy, and the Neutra Institute Museum in LA, CA. Her work has been included into the Natural History /State Darwin Museum in Moscow, Russia, and in 2018 on exhibit at Yonsei University, in Seoul, Korea.


Eugène Van Lamsweerde

Born in the Netherlands, Van Lamsweerde lives and works in France. First a sculptor, he made thirty monumental works then devoted himself to painting and drawing. He has taught at the Rietveld Academy and the St. Joost Academy in the Netherlands and has also been a member of the selection committee of the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. He has had numerous exhibitions in Europe, USA and South America.

Didier Rousseau-Navarre

Visual Artist, Sculptor.

His work testifies to an unceasing search for the meaning of being in the world.

Creator and curator of the Botanical Garden in Marnay Sur Seine.

Administrator of the Botanical Gardens of France.

Member of the National Heritage and Architecture Commission.

Member of the strategic guidance board of the Foundation for Biodiversity Research.


Omar Martinez 

Cofounded Roam&Loba with artist Valerie Livory.

Raom (Buenos Aires, Argentina) graduated in illustration from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires. Loba (Paris-France) is a graphic designer who studied at the University Paris VIII. Working as a duo since 1998 on stereoscopic photographic series (Endless, The Double, LANDscapeING, STEREØTOPIES ...) they collaborate also on drawings, engravings, sculptures and video works. Their work has been featured in many exhibitions in France - where they reside - as well as the rest of the world.

Paula Temple

Paula Temple is an American artist who lives and works in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. She is a Professor of Art, Emerita from the University of Mississippi teaching studio art - primarily figure drawing, painting and design. Her works can be found in public and private collections in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, The Eastern Caribbean, Europe, and Canada.



Located one hour by train from Paris, Marnay Sur Seine lies in the beautiful Champagne Ardenne region. Its open spaces, its agricultural landscapes, its woods and forests, and the valley of the Seine...a soft countryside rich in history. 


For the full story of Marnay, visit the official website  at

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